Graduation Requirements

The UA Graduate College outlines requirements for graduation from master’s degree programs. In addition to these requirements, the UAGCGP has several program-specific requirements that must be met for graduation. For more information on the UA Graduate College master’s degree graduation requirements, please visit

Transfer of Credit

Per UA Graduate College policy, credits earned toward the completion of the UAGCGP at other institutions may be transferred to the UA. However, no more than 20% of the minimum number of units required for the UAGCGP can be accepted from other accredited institutions. Credits can only be transferred if the assigned grade in the transferring class was an A or B. Grades of transfer will not be used in determining GPA.


Students are required to successfully complete all coursework in the UAGCGP curriculum. Successful completion of the graduate courses is earned with an A, B, or C grade. Required courses with grades of D or E will not be eligible to count toward the graduation course requirements. However, courses with an earned grade of D or E will be used in the calculation of the GPA.

Students must have a minimum of GPA of 3.00 to graduate.

Plan of Study

The UA Graduate College requires Master’s students to submit a Plan of Study in GradPath during the first few months into their graduate program. The Plan of Study must be submitted to the Graduate College no later than the second semester in residence.

The Plan of Study identifies

  1. Courses the student intends to transfer from other institutions;
  2. Courses already completed at the University of Arizona which the student intends to apply toward the graduate degree; and
  3. Additional course work to be completed to fulfill degree requirements.

The Plan of Study for students in the UAGCGP must be approved by Program Director, Dee Quinn, prior to being submitted to the Graduate College.

When the Plan of Study is approved by the Graduate Student Academic Services office, you will be billed a one-time candidacy fee of $35.00. Find more information on fees at

Final Examination

The GCGP does not require a final exam for graduation.

Degree Dates and Deadlines

All requirements for graduation must be met by UA Graduate College deadlines. For a complete list of deadlines, visit