Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the Genetic Counseling Admissions Match system?

Genetic Counseling Graduate programs now utilize a match system for all accredited program applications.  In addition to the required application process for each individual school, applicants must also register in the National Match System.  More information can be obtained at

When are applications due?

Applications are submitted through the University of Arizona Graduate College. The application period for the class commencing in the Fall of 2023 (class of 2025) closed December 16, 2022. Applications for the Fall of '24 will open on September 5th, 2023.

Is there a cost to apply for your program?

Yes. The non-refundable fee for application to the Graduate College at the University of Arizona is $85 for domestic students and $95 for international students.

Does your program require GRE scores?

No, the UAGCGP discontinued the GRE requirement for applicants applying to our program in 2020. The program no longer requires or reviews GRE scores for applicants.

Can I work while I am a student?

It depends on your ability to balance school and work. You will be expected to be available Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM-5:30 PM.  Any employment will have to be outside of those times.

Does the program offer any assistantships, fellowships, or scholarships?

Resources are available at UArizona for assistance with applying for financial aid. Students may contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance - please visit or for more information on financial aid resources at UA. Students are responsible for all expenses related to completion of the degree requirements, including tuition, mandatory fees, program fees, and course fees where applicable. 

The Graduate College offers a limited number of awards in the form of Grad Access Fellowships (GAF’s) - these are competitive, need-based awards for newly admitted students. Learn more about the eligibility criteria at  Additionally, the Graduate College has limited Financial Hardship Funds available for domestic graduate degree-seeking students who are experiencing a catastrophic, exceptional and unexpected temporary financial difficulty or emergency that is impeding their degree completion in a timely manner. For more information, see


The UAGCGP Scholarship is a need-based award and requires that the student has submitted a FAFSA application. The Scholarship is a $2,000 annual award (up to $4,000 total for 2 years) that will be given to one newly admitted student per year. Students who receive the award in their first year, will automatically receive funding in their second year, as long as funding is available, and they remain in good academic standing in the program. The scholarship can be used to cover any portion of tuition, program fees, and mandatory fees for courses taken at the main campus of The University of Arizona (UArizona). The scholarship is applied directly to graduate tuition/fee charges and has no cash value. This award may not count as taxable income. You are encouraged to consult a professional tax advisor, as UArizona does not provide tax advice.


University of Arizona GCGP students who:

  • Have been newly admitted for the term of award
  • Are U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Have filed the FAFSA form for the academic year of admission
  • Have documented financial need as an undergraduate (e.g., Pell Grant eligibility, Work Study)
  • Have a demonstrated unmet financial need as determined by the federally approved need assessment system.

[Guidance on financial aid eligibility is available by contacting the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid at 520-621-1858.]

What is the job outlook for genetic counselors?

Employment of genetic counselors is projected to grow much faster than the average for all other occupations. The most up-to-date job outlook for genetic counselors can be found in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Will I need a car?

Yes. Many of our fieldwork rotation sites are in Phoenix, which is approximately 2 hours from Tucson by car.

Can I visit the UAGCGP?

Yes. We would be happy to arrange a meeting or phone contact with our Program Administration. Please contact our Program Director, Dee Quinn at:

Who should I ask for letters of recommendation? 

Three personal letters of recommendation are required for admissions, including at least one from a professor and preferably one from a practicing genetics provider or advocacy supervisor.

What is the word limit for the Statement of Purpose in the UAGCGP application?

The Statement of Purpose can be a maximum of 500 words. Please write only one statement and submit it in 500 words or less in a PDF file. 

Where do I send applications and supporting documents?

Applications for the UAGCGP are submitted online to the University of Arizona Graduate College. The Graduate College uses the GradApp Graduate Admission Application, which can be found at

You can use this link to submit your application and to check the status of your application. Supporting documents can be sent to the Graduate College:

Graduate College
The University of Arizona
Administration 322
PO Box 210066
Tucson, AZ 85721-0066

Express mail (for FedEx, DHL, etc):Graduate College
The University of Arizona
1401 E University Blvd, #322
Tucson, AZ 85721

Please send official electronic transcripts to:

How many students are accepted into the program?

The UAGCGP will accept a maximum of 5 students for the Fall 2023 term.

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition rates for the University of Arizona change frequently. Finalized tuition rates for the 2019 – 2020 school year were announced following the Arizona Board of Regents Tuition and Fee meeting in April 2019. Graduate tuition and fees for the GCGP for the 2019 - 2020 Fall and Spring semesters totals at $19,271 for Arizona residents and $39398 for non-Arizona residents. Summer tuition for the Clinical Practicum was $2,139 for the Summer 2020 term for both Arizona residents and nonresidents.

Finalized tuition rates for the school year are announced by the Arizona Board of Regents each spring. As they are subject to change, we suggest you use the following link:

From the menu, select term, main campus, graduate degree, term 2017 or after and Medicine: Genetic Counseling Graduate Program. The UAGCGP has approval from the Arizona Board of Regents for a special program fee. This $3,000 per semester fee will be added to the cost of tuition. There is no difference in program fee rates for Arizona residents and nonresidents. These fees are automatically included in the above tuition calculator.

Please note there may be additional out-of-pocket expenses incurred for professional development seminars and workshops and membership fees. There is no special program fee for the summer semester between the 1st and 2nd year. Summer tuition for the Clinical Practicum can be calculated at the tuition calculator site above. Under “Select College, Program, or Differential Tuition” choose “Not Listed”.

For more information on tuition rates at the University of Arizona, visit Please review the General Residency Guidelines at to determine if you qualify as an Arizona Resident. If you are claiming Arizona Resident status, you will need to complete the Residency Classification Process at